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     Welcome to the ERIC SPUDIC WEBSITE!  I'm an actor/writer/filmmaker.  I have written the cult horror flicks AQUANOIDS and CREEPIES, as well as having acted in PSYCHO SANTA, SUPERCROC, DEAD CLOWNS, and MICRO MINI KIDS.  You can catch me on Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, Sy Fy Channel regularly.

     My movies are available on Amazon, Ebay, Netflix, at Blockbuster, Best Buy, Fry's, etc..  Some of the states I've been to for movie gigs include Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, California, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Ohio.
     I focus on acting almost entirely at the moment, although I still like to crank out a script once or twice a year.  Whatever pays the rent!
     I specialize in a wide variety of roles, ranging from outsiders, loners, and killers to sidekicks, nerds, and soldiers.  Please take some time to tour the site and sign the guestbook.  Please drop me a line at

Rock and roll!


Me as a zombie in DEAD MEN WALKING.

Eric Spudic mixes up a mean batch of chocolate milk.

...and action!

Eric is wheelchair bound in the Steve Sessions zombie flick, DEAD CLOWNS.

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What's New?


My script, ALIEN RAT, is now listed on Inktip.  Producers...make me an offer!  A legit one, that is.  Just got cast in a pilot called "Making the Grade".  More details soon.


Just finished my latest spec script, THE GOOFBALL SQUAD.  It's another starring vehicle for me.  An 80's style screwball comedy.  It's on Inktip.  Also gonna be SAG eligible by the end of the year!

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