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In Development

Here are a few projects brewing at the Spudic headquarters.




Currently I am developing my next few features.  All have completed scripts.  MASSACRE MANSION is a throwback to the 80's Canadian slasher flicks.  Very dark and gorrific.  I'm wanting to hop back into the director's chair on this one.  Hoping to do it in the $75,000 - $100,000 range.
Next up is TEENAGE VIGILANTE, which I've written as a starring vehicle for myself.  My goal is to do it as a $300,000 - $700,000, 35mm, SAG show, 15-18 day shoot, action packed throwback to the vigilante pictures of the heyday.  Very gritty, raw, and intense.  Definitely not a family film.  ;-)
Then, there's TURDS.  It's another starring vehicle for me.  Horror/comedy.  Would love to do it as a $1.2 million, 35mm widescreen, SAG, 22-day shoot.  It's a pretty big movie.  Intended for theatrical release.
If you have any interest in any of these projects, send me an email to ericspudic@hotmail.com along with a link to your IMDB page.

Eric Spudic is the writer of such films as AQUANOIDS and CREEPIES.  He's produced the flicks KILLERS BY NATURE and PSYCHO SANTA.  In addition, he has acted in the features MICRO MINI KIDS, DEAD CLOWNS, SUPERCROC, and BIKINI CHAIN GANG.