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    Eric Spudic was spawned in Mt. Olive, IL.  It's been a hard road filled with potholes and detours.  Eric started out shooting on Super-8 and VHS-C, making  his first feature entitled ATTACK OF THE BATHROOM CREATURE at a mere 17 years old.  Eric amassed a collection of thousands of films, watching everything from Roger Corman b-movies and Adam Sandler comedies to 80's Italian action films and blockbuster Schwarzenegger pictures.

    After graduating, while working at a local video store, he sold two rock songs that he penned the lyrics to.  By 19, he was discovered by cult film director David DeCoteau, who urged the youngster to keep writing, making movies, and acting.  Knowing that Spudic was a huge fan of Full Moon Entertainment and Charles Band, DeCoteau invited Eric to fly to Hollywood to tour the studios, meet the filmmakers, and to make his first appearance in a Hollywood motion picture: MICRO MINI KIDS.

    Eric returned home with much knowledge and many connections.  He started cranking out big-budget spec scripts such as THE TAKEOVER OF TOMORROW, TEENAGE VIGILANTE, and DEAD EVIL.  After realizing nobody wanted to produce them, he went back to acting, taking a leading role in PSYCHO SANTA, which he also helped to produce.  Shortly after, Eric was working on a Missouri-based horror flick called THE UNDERTOW, when St. Louisan Eric Stanze recruited Spudic to direct his own script called KILLERS BY NATURE.

    Around this time, Eric was also writing low-budget films to help pay the rent.  Some of these included AQUANOIDS and CREEPIES, both of which sold phenomenally well on video/dvd and overseas.  Eric also made long treks to act in DEAD CLOWNS and SAVAGE HARVEST 2 shortly after.

    Then in 2004 came the big move to Hollywood.  Eric soon hooked up with one of his favorite filmmakers, Fred Olen Ray, making appearances in films such as BIKINI CHAIN GANG and THE LEGEND OF WILLIAM TELL.  Eric penned a new slasher called MASSACRE MANSION as his next directing vehicle.  Meanwhile, he's been acting in a lot of films for The Asylum such as SUPERCROC and 100 MILLION BC.

     Eric's lifelong dreams are to act in movies in Bulgaria, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Hawaii, Canada, and the UK.   As of 2011, Eric has worked on 70+ feature films, has over a quarter-million dvds in circulation, and appears on cable television almost daily.
     His website has garnered over 55,000 hits.  His current interests include hiking, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, ripping loud farts, and eating toasted ravioli.  His current crushes include Mara Marini, Tawny Amber Young, Carlotta Champagne, Tara Babcock, Darcy the Mail Girl, Christine Davenport, Jessica Vaugn and Shantal Monique.



Eric Spudic

HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 140lbs.
AGE RANGE: 30 - 40


Dire Wolf                       Dayplayer      Fred Olen Ray
Vampire in Vegas        Dayplayer      Jim Wynorski
Supercroc                    Supporting     Scott Harper
Pretty Cool Too           Dayplayer       Rolfe Kanefsky
Bikini Chain Gang       Supporting    Fred Olen Ray
Dead Clowns                Lead              Steve Sessions
Savage Harvest 2         Supporting   Jason Christ
Psycho Santa               Lead              Peter Keir
Micro Mini Kids          Dayplayer      David DeCoteau


Cold Reading                    Duane Whitaker
Scene Study                    Ted Prior / Next Level Studios


100 wpm typist, drive stick shift, minor physical stuntwork, Tae Kwon Do / Hapkido (Simon Rhee),  athletic, fast runner, vocal sound fx, pistol & Winchester rifle twirling, firearms, good w/ animals, mouth rap, burp-on-command, fight scenes, horseback riding, swimming.  Passport for international productions.