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An interview with actor Jeff Dylan Graham...

ERIC SPUDIC: What's on the horizon for Jeff Dylan Graham?
JEFF DYLAN GRAHAM: Well, it's been a VERY busy year for me so far! I've completed seven film projects in a  three month period, which is the busiest I've ever been. I did HOME SICK in Alabama, two film projects in Oregon, the BAD MOVIE POLICE in L.A., 5 DARKS SOULS: RETRIBUTION in L.A., and some other work. As far as what's coming up.... I'm currently working out my schedule for the summer, and it looks like I'll be doing some long-awaited and some very exciting projects! I don't want to say anything just yet.
E.S.: Which one of these films has been your favorite experience?
J.D.G.: Overall, I'd have to say HOME SICK. We were shooting deep in the heart of Alabama, which added an extra layer of atmosphere. It has a kick-ass script, and some really great effects. It's shot-on-film, and we have a great DP. I'm really looking forward to it's release! Adam Wingard and Evan Katz are awesome guys!
E.S.: Do you plan on staying in the low-budget biz or move on to 35mm films?
J.D.G.: I've worked with 35mm and other formats of film before, so I know the technical side of it. While I would love to stay in low-budget films forever, I'm going to definitely try other things. I don't think "low-budget" has anything to do with what I'm saying, I mean more "b-movie" stuff. We'll see where my career takes me. If I only work on b-movies, then it was meant to be that way.
E.S.: How does your average movie shooting day go, from the time you wake up until you finally zonk out?
J.D.G.: Since this is low-budget filmmaking, the schedule can sometimes be a nightmare. For me, I usually: wake-up, get ready for the day, look over my lines, run lines with another actor if it's necessary, work my ass off, sleep. I've worked 18-20 hours a day before, and that can be common in b-movies. It's all part of the job, though, and I love it!
E.S.: If you hadn't gotten into the movie industry, what do you think you'd be doing?  Or like to be doing?
J.D.G.: Well, when I was kid, the choice for me was to either be an astronaut or an actor. I chose acting, obviously. Seriously, I sometimes wonder what I'd be doing. Probably pimpin' my hoes, selling crack to small children, etc.

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