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An interview with actor/director/editor/producer/writer Eric Stanze...

ERIC SPUDIC: I noticed that you are a coffee drinker.  What is it about coffee that you like so much?
ERIC STANZE: Caffeine.  On long drives to scout locations.  On long days of shooting.  On long nights of editing.  CAFFEINE.
SPUDIC: Any bad or good high school memories?
STANZE: Good high school memories...1. hanging out with DJ Vivona, Jeremy Wallace, Tom Biondo, Lisa Morrison, Jason Shepard, and Beth Pollack, and making "movies" on camcorders.  2. Getting entire classrooms out of class to run around the school and make the camcorder "movies" with me.  3. Competing in Windsor High School drama (duet acting) competitions.  4. My minimum-wage job at the movie theater, first as head usher, and later as the projectionist.  5. Being picked up each morning by Jason Shepard in his banana-yellow Challenger and going to get coffee at a nearby gas station before class started.  6. Every girl I dated.  Bad memories...1. Every girl I dated.
SPUDIC: What's your favorite thing about St. Louis?
STANZE: The people here who make movies with me.
SPUDIC: How did you meet your buddy, D.J. Vivona?
STANZE: I moved to Imperial, Missouri in the middle of my sophomore year of high school.  That's when I met D.J..  I met him through his older brother, Ross, who worked at the movie theater with me.  DJ and I were both big movie fans so we hit it off right away.  I was into FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, Sam Raimi, and George Romero.  He was into ROCKY, RAMBO, and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films; a big fan of Sly Stallone and Robert England.  DJ and I started acting in high school competitions and made it to the state level two years, set high score records at the district level one year, and walked away from our high school experience with a nice collection of medals for the whole effort.  We made movies in high school, too, but we were much better actors than we were moviemakers.  DJ was also really into sound effects at the time.  That's originally why he wanted to work on movies with me; to help with the sound effects.  If you look at the end credits of everything before ICE FROM THE SUN, DJ has some sort of post-production or sound fx credit because he always was able to contribute in the area of sound.
SPUDIC: If you were thrown into a real "scare game" and were fighting for your life...exactly what would you do?
STANZE: Well, if I were in a "scare game", I guess I'd be battling DJ...so I'd bring in Stallone to kick his ass.  DJ wouldn't put up much of a fight.  He'd be too star-struck.

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