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An interview with actor, writer, director, and musician - Matthew Jason Walsh

ERIC SPUDIC: I know you quit acting and have admitted to not being much of an actor to begin with, but which was your favorite role to play so far?
MATTHEW WALSH: Yeesh, I dunno.  Maybe the uncredited cameo I did in ZOMBIE COP, as the Convenience Store Clerk.  They had to keep redoing it over and over again because everybody else in those scenes, any time they had to interact with the Convenience Store Clerk character, couldn't keep a straight face.  Fatty Arbuckle must've been rolling in his grave.
E.S.: Being a musician, I must ask about your favorite bands...
M.W.: Well, of course, Pink Floyd, also Faith No More, Type O Negative, Tito and Tarantula, Nashville Pussy, Kiss, Filter, you name it.
E.S.: Let's just say David DeCoteau won a $5 million lottery and decided to dump all of it into ONE film, what would you write for him?
M.W.: The big-budget DR. ALIEN sequel, definitely.  But only if we could get the Landers sisters and Edy Williams back.
E.S.: If you stumbled upon an alien arsenal, what would you do with it?
M.W.: Probably the same thing the "Ralph" character does in the actual movie; use it to score with chicks.
E.S.: What's in your future plans, besides world domination?
M.W.: Can you realistically HAVE a plan, other than world domination?  I dunno, I'll try: another directing gig is in the works, and I'm in the process of recording two rock albums to unleash upon an unsuspecting public.  Now THAT's evil!

     Back in May of '99, I had the pleasure of speaking dialogue written by THE Matt Walsh in MICROSCOPIC BOY(aka MICRO MINI KIDS).  Unfortunately the company that made it denies Walsh any credit, those commie bastards!  He's currently writing for David DeCoteau's Rapid Heart Pictures.  Matt has written everything from ANCIENT EVIL and ZOMBIE COP to DEEP FREEZE and PRISON OF THE DEAD.