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10/21/01 - The new ERIC SPUDIC website goes online, nearly 2 years after the original was launched.

11/21/01 - Working as propman/fx/cable wrangler guy on the short film "Art"; may also be playing a small role in this.
12/21/01 - Got back from Hollywood, where I JUST missed out on a small part in THE BAGMAN. Stephanie Beaton gladly offered me a role, though I departed 2 days before shooting. David Sterling hired me to write VAMPIRE HOUSE PARTY.

1/21/02 - Thinking about finally going back to re-edit ATTACK OF THE BATHROOM CREATURE after all these years. It's way overdue. Turns out I'm not just writing ONE screenplay for Sterling, but SEVEN of them! Second is finished. Wow, folks, I'm on fire!

2/21/02 - My screenplay MANIACAL just started filming this week.  Should hit video stores by summer, maybe fall.  Worked on a trailer for HBO called "My Life".  John Specht let me dp a few of the 2nd unit b-shots!  :-)  Did a small role in SEVERED HEAD NETWORK 2.  Thanks, Eric Stanze!  And just finished writing a mummy screenplay.
3/21/02 - MANIACAL is finished, can't wait to see it!  Pictures will be posted soon, courtesy of director Joe Castro(CEREMONY).  Another script I wrote, EVIL UNLEASHED, concerning a mummy with a vengeance, was ditched and totally rewritten.  That one's filming soon.  The only thing of mine that remains is the title.  Also just got back from Mississippi where I appeared in three different projects :-)  A short called "Bloody Mary", a feature titled FETALBOY GOES TO HELL(I played a preacher in both of these), and another tentatively titled RED CHRISTMAS, a cool gory slasher flick that's a throwback to the 80's horror movies!  More news soon, stay tuned...
4/21/02 - EVIL UNLEASHED has completed filming.  I'll be doing a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE rip-off next, with a Spudic twist!  Also working on a few Sub Rosa Studios horror flickaroos this summer.  Planning on shooting HELL HOUSE, a dv haunted house movie, this summer as well.  Perhaps August?  Searching for my next acting gig...
5/21/02 - Didn't take very long to find my next acting gig.  Director Jeremy Wallace(CHRISTMAS SEASON MASSACRE) slipped me in for a cameo as a retarded bicyclin' redneck in THE UNDERTOW.  It's a blast working on set!  Actually about 110 miles from where I live.  Also have a reading coming around the corner, might have a cameo in Sub Rosa Extreme's ANGEL WHORE KILLER, and may also be shooting a movie in Mississippi!  Meanwhile, on the writing front: MANIACAL has completed post-production.  EVIL UNLEASHED is in the midst of editing.  And my boss has announced I will be writing BLOOD SISTERS 2 as well as three other to-be-announced pictures.  Will be very, very busy this summer :-)
6/21/02 - I am indeed very busy!!!  I've written two screenplays since the last post.  The first, THE HAZING, is a throwback to the slasher films of the 70's and 80's such as THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, FUNHOUSE, SORORITY BABES, and FRIDAY THE 13TH.  Joe Castro directs, w/ David Sterling and Mark Gordon on board producing.  Exactly 4 days later I completed BLOOD SISTERS 2.  Brendan Kinkade is producing.  I'm proud of both screenplays...THE HAZING for its over-the-top gore scenes, and BLOOD SISTERS 2 for its abundance of nudity, sex, and humor.  A real fun script.  Next I'm writing a gory creature feature for Mark Gordon/Dave Sterling.  More details next time perhaps...ssshhh.  Also, back in the saddle again!  Yours truly is hopping into the director's chair with KILLERS BY NATURE, produced by Eric Stanze(ICE FROM THE SUN) and Ron Bonk(GUT-PILE).  This bloody horror flickaroo was written when I was only 19 years old.  So e-mail me and wish me luck.  Anyhow, back to writing.  I got work to do, folks.
7/21/02 - Wow, I am certainly exhausted.  During the month of June, I completed the scripts THE HAZING, BLOOD SISTERS 2, a creature feature that promises to have gore o' plenty, and a quick rewrite on KILLERS BY NATURE.  Just when you thought I would've died after all this typing, I'm keeping steady with scripts for director Joe Castro(TERROR TOONS) and Jeff Leroy(HELL'S HIGHWAY).  Shooting has already commensed on KILLERS BY NATURE.  We've shot about 15 pages of material to date, a page will be made for the movie shortly.  Have a few behind-the-scenes pics.  Gonna have an awesome soundtrack, too!  If I remember correctly, this is my 9th feature to date as an actor.  Pictures of THE HAZING are at www.wildcatent.com and BLOOD SISTERS 2 rolls pretty soon.  Until next time, same Spudic channel, same Spudic time!
8/21/02 - Things are still going strong.  KILLERS BY NATURE is 80% in the can with only a few days of shooting.  Please check out the webpage link up above.  Jason Contini and Nick Hearne have been a great help in bringing this dark comedy/horror flick to life.  It has been one of the quickest shoots I've worked on and also one of the most exciting.  In screenwriting news, I've seen advance artwork for THE HAZING and it kicks ass!  From the guy who designs the Full Moon video boxes.  And EVIL UNLEASHED is completed, can't wait to watch it!  Also found out MANIACAL's beginning will be reshot.  Interesting to see what they come up with.  I personally loved the beginning and hated the ending(please change that instead!).  Heard from David Sterling that Brad Sykes will be directing my BLOOD SISTERS II script.  Brad is the man behind CAMP BLOOD.  Finished a new creature feature for director Jeff Leroy(HELL'S HIGHWAY).  Working as a PA on Sub Rosa Extreme's CHINA WHITE SERPENTINE, directed by Robin Garrels.  Keeping busy as usual, and until next time, may the moon stay full!
9/21/02 - Things are still keeping mighty busy for me and it seems as though 2002 is my breakout year in the film industry.  I've been getting lots of emails requesting MANIACAL screeners for reviewing.  Hope they enjoy!  Finally saw EVIL UNLEASHED and it just reeked.  Man, it was horrible.  It has a dancing, kung-fu fighting mummy.  The camerawork and lighting was alright, though.  It was a downer.  THE HAZING is nearing completion.  BLOOD SISTERS 2 and AQUANOIDS filmed at the same time and I believe both are shot.  Then, next rolls a creature feature for director Jeff Leroy.  I'm excited for this one as well.  Really had a blast creating the characters for it, kinda RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD-ish.  KILLERS BY NATURE is pretty much done...the cop shootout turned out awesome!  I had a blast directing/starring/writing this movie.  Sub Rosa will distribute in 2003 I think.  Have one more scene to shoot, a possible cameo from actor William Clifton(SAVAGE HARVEST).  Probably won't direct anything else this year as my schedule is full till January.  Also heading back to Hollywood in December :-)  Stay tuned and thanks for pushing my site over a thousand hits!
10/21/02 - I have an untitled creature feature shooting now in Hollywood and that should be wrapped in a week.  Just got hired to do yet another monster flick for producer David Sterling and director Jeff Leroy.  Should be another interesting gory movie!  Started shooting my first scenes on the set of SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD for director Jason Christ.  Eric Stanze and Lisa Morrison are the only returning characters from the first movie.  Shot a great cameo for KILLERS BY NATURE with SAVAGE HARVEST actor William Clifton, what a coincidence!  It went swell and was extra-bloody!  He was a champ about it, too.  SEVERED HEAD NETWORK 2 can now be ordered via www.wickedpixel.com or www.b-movie.com  I'm in the opening segment.
11/21/02 - Brrr, it's cold!  Heading off to Hollywood in early December and then when I come back, time to play my demon version of my character in SAVAGE HARVEST 2.  Some bloody mayhem there!  Also in talks with director Chris Watson(ZOMBIEGEDDON) to play in a segment of his MINDS OF TERROR anthology.  Next up is a role in LAST WEEK, made by two KILLERS BY NATURE cohorts - Jason Contini and Nick Hearne.  Another one of my movies is coming to video, BLUDGEON(formerly THE HAZING) on December 3rd.  More info. at www.cinemacabre.com  MANIACAL's had great reviews, too.  Let those fan letters flood in, people!  *cough, cough*
12/21/02 - Back from Hollywood!  Got to hang out with one of my favorite actors, William Butler, what a joy!  He's been seen in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3 and the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake. Bill is currently writing RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4 as well!  Also partied hardy with filmmakers Ted Newsom, Ron Ford, and William Combs.  Saw THE CRAWLING BRAIN - what a hoot!  And had a chance meeting with John Carl Buechler, one of my fave fx artists/directors of all-time.  He made TROLL, GHOULIES 3, and FRIDAY THE 13TH 7.  Met my boss, David Sterling, at last!  He let me PA on his newest, GOTH, for director Brad Sykes(CAMP BLOOD).  Might be writing another movie soon.  More news next time.  Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
1/21/03 - Last year was by far my busiest!  I racked up an additional 20+ feature film credits under my belt.  And a whole lotta action going on this year so far.  Auditioning for REIGN OF THE BEAUTY QUEEN soon.  This is a futuristic action/romance tale.  In fact there are about a half-dozen 35mm features coming to the Missouri area soon and I have a feeling I'm going to be booked for quite some time.  Also met and hung out with filmmaker Chris Watson.  I've agreed to play roles in two of his movies, MINDS OF TERROR and ZOMBIEGEDDON.  Chris is a very funny guy who definitely has the connections.  ZOMBIEGEDDON features appearances by some two dozen b-movie celebrities.  On the writing front, my movies BLUDGEON and MANIACAL have been delayed(twice now).  The dates keep getting pushed back, but cross your fingers and hope they're out soon.  And the segment in SEVERED HEAD NETWORK 2 I was in rocks!!!  It's an awesome music video.
2/21/03 - Just got back from Kansas filming MINDS OF TERROR, also starring Joe Estevez!  Chris Watson directed.  Lots of bloody mayhem!  Wrote a slasher treatment for Dave Sterling called MASSACRE MANSION.  Probably won't have time to write the script of it, we'll see.  Finishing up DEADLY CULTURE currently.  Going to Frightvision in late March.  Filming some scenes for ZOMBIEGEDDON featuring Brinke Stevens.  Whee!  SAVAGE HARVEST 2 looks to wrap soon.  Filming a short for Joe Sherlock in a few weeks as well.  And last but not least, might be doing a movie with director Steve Sessions of CREMAINS and MALEFIC fame!  You should check out his site at www.b-horror.com  Oh, and if all goes well, I may be in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4.  Sorry to sound if I'm bragging, but nah, I'm not busy at all.... :-)
3/21/03 - Just finished up the DEADLY CULTURE script.  Should be going into production within a month or so.  Prepping my segment of the TWISTED FATES anthology, entitled "Video Drone".  Heading to Ohio for the big Frightvision.  Traci Lords and Tanya Roberts are amongst the many celebrity guests.  I will also be filming a small role in Chris Watson's ZOMBIEGEDDON there, along with Brinke Stevens.  Yeeha!  Then the week after that going to Hillsboro, Missouri to become demonized in SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD.  A few weeks from that I'm heading down to Mississippi for an untitled zombie flick.  Contemplating working in this film business full-time by perhaps May or June.  Can the Spudicman achieve this?
4/21/03 - Busy as f*ck!  Frightvision was sooo awesome, one of the best times of my life.  Filmed my cameo for ZOMBIEGEDDON along with Robyn Griggs and Allen Richards as zombies, too.  Interviewed Brinke Stevens after the shoot :-)  Headed to Chiller this weekend.  Lots of celebs!  The SAVAGE HARVEST 2 shoot last weekend was kick-butt.  My bloodiest set-experience YET.  I was drenched in goo.  Wow, you gotta see this one.  It's very EVIL DEAD-ish.  Still set to go to Mississippi soon.  Also been hired as the first PA, one of the actors, and the weapons handler on a big-budget picture called APOCALYPSE AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN.  Crossing my fingers for SLEEPAWAY CAMP 4.  And Jeremy Wallace makes great pizza.  Go to www.wickedpixel.com and tell them you love them!
5/21/03 - Chiller convention was the cooooolest!  I met Linnea Quigley, Leo Rossi, Don Calfa, and Lorenzo Lamas.  They're famous!  The cons are really cool.  Looks like I'll be at Twisted Nightmares Weekend also.  Let's see, on the movie front, DEADLY CULTURE is currently filming.  SAVAGE HARVEST 2 is near-wrapped.  Just did two movies in Mississippi last week for director Steve Sessions.  One is a gory zombie flick and the other about giant killer insects.  These movies will rule!  Auditioning for the $40 million soccer flick, THE GAME OF THEIR LIVES, this Saturday.  And then on to RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4: RAVE FROM THE GRAVE.  Had to bow out of the TWISTED FATES project due to my schedule being filled-to-the-gills.  Will load pics to the site soon from a few recent productions.
6/21/03 - BLOODY TEASE and EVIL UNLEASHED have tentative release dates of late August.  BUTCHERED is available for pay-for-view on www.cinemacabre.com  I'm very happy with BUTCHERED, a gory tribute to the heydays of the slasher 80s.  AQUANOIDS is finally done.  THE UNDERTOW is finished and turned out great!  Had some quotes on my movie career in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  The zombie movie I did in Mississippi is called DEAD CLOWNS and looks to be gory fun!  CREEPIES is nearly finished and I have a poster of it in the "poster gallery".  More artwork from movies soon.  Played an extra in BOTTLENECK, a Disney movie with Fred Willard and Ashley Johnson.  Have an interview appearing soon on www.stlfilmwire.com  SAVAGE HARVEST 2 is wrapped and may be finished by year's end.  More big news next-time!  I'm here to stay.
7/21/03 - AQUANOIDS is making its way around the internet on review sites.  A sequel is in the works, but I'm not working on it.  I will probably just get a story or character credit.  PSYCHO SANTA is finished and hits video stores worldwide on December 16th.  My segment for MINDS OF TERROR, "Tough Love", may be put into a whole new anthology feature called DEADTIME GORIES.  Brinke Stevens just filmed her scenes for DEAD CLOWNS.  Bloody zombies!  Doing a small part in a Corey Haim movie called SPACE DAZE soon.  Been sending out demo reels like crazy.  Looks like I may be working my way out of digital video.  Signing autographs at the Twisted Nightmare Weekend convention in September.  My pic/bio should be up on the site at www.twistednightmareweekend.com soon.  Pretty much finished with screenwriting as well, and concentrating on acting full-time.  15 features under my belt as an actor so far.  Hoping to have 20 by the end of the year.  Whee!
8/21/03 - Two of the movies I wrote are coming out soon.  BLOODY TEASE and EVIL UNLEASHED(in the poster gallery) are hitting stores on September 30th.  THE UNDERTOW comes out October 7th.  Steve Session's MALEFIC debuts October 28th alongside RAISING HELL.  There's a character named Elliott Spudic after me!  The soundtrack for KILLERS BY NATURE is complete and awaiting editing.  Two surprise celeb voice cameos may be in store.  Searching for more 16mm/35mm acting gigs.  In talks with several producers/directors.  Maybe some BIG news very soon.  Keep 'em coming!
9/21/03 - Twisted Nightmare Weekend was a success!  I mingled with everybody from Ed Neal, Robert Kurtzman, and David Barton to J.R. Bookwalter, Robert Z'dar, and Brinke Stevens.  Autographed tons of posters of AQUANOIDS, BUTCHERED, and MANIACAL.  Also did the ZOMBIEGEDDON commentary with Lloyd Kaufman, Chris Watson, and others.  It was a blast in more ways than one.  We had a fart machine ripping toots every 5 minutes.  Doing an interview for Hacker's Source magazine now.  Negotiating a few movie gigs.  Updated the links page and my "wish list" page.  Artisan Home Video is releasing MICRO MINI KIDS in 2004.  At last!
10/21/03 - Posted two new interviews I recently did.  It's Halloween time, kids, time to break out the classics like NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, THE CHANGELING, FRIDAY THE 13TH, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, etc..  CREEPIES is done and is the best one I've written yet.  It's hilarious and gory and contains my best dialogue so far.  You're bound to love it.  PSYCHO SANTA has been bumped up to December 9th.  My segment for MINDS OF TERROR is now moved into another anthology called DEADTIME GORIES.  Also in talks to do a movie in Ohio soon.  Oh, and THE MUMMY: EVIL UNLEASHED and BLOODY TEASE have been pushed back to January.
11/21/03 - Looks like Artisan was bought by Lion's Gate, so I wonder if MICRO MINI KIDS is still coming out in early 2004?  I'm going to be purchasing tons of dvds of several movies I acted and selling them on Ebay.  Good way to spread the word out.  Ebay is terrific advertising.  These titles will include SEVERED HEAD NETWORK COMPILATION, THE UNDERTOW, and PSYCHO SANTA.  Stay tuned for more auctions from "Colonel Crapper".  Also updated the contact/dayrate page with new info..  I'm maturing as an actor and getting pickier about which movies I do.  Gotta pay the bills :-)
12/21/03 - Merry Xmas, everyone!  And to celebrate, I highly recommend the movie PSYCHO SANTA for the holidays.  I play the character of Josh in the movie.  It's on a double-feature with SATAN CLAUSE.  FETALBOY GOES TO HELL is finished and playing at the Tromadance film festival.  Looks like KILLERS BY NATURE will finally enter post-production in January.  It'll be good to get this chip off my shoulder(it was filmed over a year ago).  2004 sounds like it'll be busy already.  Sometime early next year AQUANOIDS will hit store shelves.  I'll know the distributor by the next update.
1/21/04 - Happy New Year!  AQUANOIDS is being released by York on March 2nd.  Then, EVIL UNLEASHED is being released by Razor Digital on February 24th.  MICRO MINI KIDS has also been released in Thailand.  KILLERS BY NATURE is going into post soon.  DEADTIME GORIES is also being edited soon.  FETALBOY GOES TO HELL is finished and turned out hilarious!  Got called up to audition for CEMETERY GATES, but unfortunately I'm in Illinois.  Yet another reason to move to Hollywood soon!
2/21/04 - EVIL UNLEASHED is finally out on dvd.  AQUANOIDS comes out in one week.  BLOODY TEASE will be released March 23rd.  MINDS OF TERROR is done.  I have a small part in it.  CREEPIES has been tweaked and is finished.  It now has double the amount of explosions!  Editing has still not begun on KILLERS BY NATURE yet.  My apologies to the cast and crew.  Been doing tons of interviews lately.  Revamped the links page.  Illinois sucks.  Can't wait to move to California!
3/21/04 - Just got back from a quick trip to Kaleefornya!  Doing much catching up and have finished my latest spec script entitled MASSACRE MANSION.  It's in the vein of Scott Spiegel's INTRUDER.  The catch with this script is that whoever the buyer is must agree to shoot on film.  Hoping for some big dollars to feed my 5 kids.  You can also find AQUANOIDS in every single Hollywood Video in the U.S..  Saw the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake.  It totally rules.
4/21/04 - Just put up a link to Steve Sessions' scarifying DEAD CLOWNS teaser! This is a creepy movie. I play a helpless wheelchair guy who battles hurricanes...I mean zombies. Coming to dvd soon in the UK. Not sure about US release date. Speaking of the UK, 3 of my movies are available at www.screenentertainment.biz - MANIACAL, BUTCHERED, and AQUANOIDS. A new trailer is being cut for CREEPIES. Editing on KILLERS BY NATURE begins in June. And check out the new photo gallery!
5/21/04 - Post production on KILLERS BY NATURE is underway.  Should have a rough cut by July and hopefully have the project finished by August.  Haven't heard anything on DEADLY CULTURE lately.  Can't wait to see the final version of CREEPIES.  Probably my best movie as a writer!  Also saw DEAD CLOWNS and was blown away by it.  This is Steve Sessions' best movie.  It's very creepy and includes music by Rock City Morgue, featuring Sean Yseult of White Zombie fame.  Perhaps this movie will launch my career?  More next time...
6/21/04 - Just turned 25 years old!  Still racking up the film credits left and right.  Worked on Fred Olen Ray's newest movie THE GLASS TRAP.  It stars C. Thomas Howell, Stella Stevens, Andrew Prine, and Martin Kove.  Plus, I got to see two Rolfe Kanefsky movies - THE HAZING and PRETTY COOL - you gotta check out THE HAZING when it hits dvd this fall!  Highly recommended by the Spudic.  Shopping around my new script, MASSACRE MANSION.  It's a throwback to 80's Canadian slasher flicks.
7/21/04 - DEAD CLOWNS is gearing up for release in the UK soon.  Looking to acquire either EVIL UNLEASHED or BLOODY TEASE?  They're at www.deepdiscountdvd.com for $6 each post-paid.  Editing on KILLERS BY NATURE continues and SAVAGE HARVEST 2 has entered the beginning stages of post.  CREEPIES now has distribution.  Will know a release date next month.  The Spudic movie factory is still cranking them out!!!
8/21/04 - BLOODY TEASE and EVIL UNLEASHED are now available in a 3-pack along with BLOOD SISTERS called THE FEAR FILES.  It's a fairly good deal if you like extra cheese on your pizza.  KILLERS BY NATURE is 95% edited.  CREEPIES 2 is now in production.  Might be doing a cameo in it.  Rumor also has it that PSYCHO SANTA 2 is in production deep in the heart of the south.  DEAD CLOWNS is now on dvd at www.cryptkeeper.co.uk  The dvd contains a photo gallery and various cover artworks.  This is the UK version version...the US dvd is slated to be released very soon.
9/21/04 - Eric Stanze continues editing on KILLERS BY NATURE.  The premiere is now set for November.  Still no word on who's releasing CREEPIES or when it comes out.  Razor Digital is putting DEADLY CULTURE on dvd soon.  For those who keep asking, MANIACAL and BUTCHERED don't have U.S. distribution yet.  Started writing a kids adventure comedy on spec.  The treatment's a few years old and I've decided to dust it off.  Now if only I could sell these NOTHING TO FEAR and THE TAKEOVER OF TOMORROW screenplays...
10/21/04 - Went to a screening of THE HALFWAY HOUSE and loved it.  Also, I have a quote on the box art of DEATH VALLEY: THE VENGEANCE OF BLOODY BILL, although uncredited.  KILLERS BY NATURE still lingers in post-production.  Might go to AFM to check things out and promote myself(of course!).  I'm currently polishing up NOTHING TO FEAR to shop it around again after a 2-year hiatus of just letting it sit.  Can't wait to pick up the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake dvd!  Not to mention the FRIDAY THE 13TH box set.  :-)
11/21/04 - KILLERS BY NATURE has now been retitled THE NEVERENDING MOVIE.  Not really, you silly.  PSYCHO SANTA has been released in Belgium and CREEPIES has been released in Japan.  I acted in two Fred Olen Ray movies this month, BIKINI ROUND-UP and BIKINI CHAIN GANG.  Lots of fun!  BLOODY TEASE has been popping up everywhere in stores and on the internet lately.  Still working on the LITTLE TREASURE SEEKERS script.  Should be done before Xmas.
12/21/04 - Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!  My new years resolutions for 2005 are big: to act in at least 10 feature films, produce 1 or 2 features, write 1 or 2 scripts, and perhaps hop back into the director's chair.  KILLERS BY NATURE is finished and hopefully heading to dvd in mid-2005.  I'm also hoping to book some screenings for this movie and PSYCHO SANTA soon.  CREEPIES is out in Japan under the title KING SPIDER.  This site's closing in on 30,000 hits...yay!
01/21/05 - Just got back from Mississippi where I acted in PSYCHO SANTA 2.  Kris Kringle is back and so am I!  Lucien Eisenach of FETALBOY GOES TO HELL fame directed.  I will be holding a PSYCHO SANTA/KILLERS BY NATURE double feature here in about 2 weeks.  Haven't worked on any of my scripts lately.  Selling tons of movies on Ebay.  Also took a vacation to see my family and friends.  All good people!  Might do new headshots soon.  Something dark and eerie.  KILLERS BY NATURE has a release date of October 25th, '05.
02/21/05 - CREEPIES is getting released in July from Maverick Entertainment.  It should get a fairly wide release.  Gearing up for the double-feature premiere of CREEPIES and MINDS OF TERROR in L.A..  Did a photo shoot for KILLERS BY NATURE and ended up bumping into David Sterling in the middle of the desert!  I'm also thinking of setting up a store on this site with about a dozen of my movies for sale.  Whatdya think?
03/21/05 - The CREEPIES/MINDS OF TERROR premiere rocked!  About 60 people showed up throughout the night.  Even Ron Jeremy attended!  Hats off to director Jeff Leroy on the spectacular job he did on CREEPIES and he even previewed some clips from CREEPIES 2 for the audience.  Part 2 blew me out of my socks!  This movie will take him to the next level.  Hoping to do another screening of something(maybe SAVAGE HARVEST 2?) in May or June.  Shopping around a few projects now, to be shot on either HD or Super-16mm.
04/21/05 - Auditioned for the lead role in Charles Band's DOLL GRAVEYARD and Joey Travolta's FINAL MOVE this month.  Should have more soon, maybe even a bigfoot movie, too.  Did a cameo for the Troma flick, SLAUGHTER PARTY.  Looking forward to seeing LAND OF THE DEAD.  :-)  Also might start up my production company, Silver Dog Cinema, as an official llc to get things rolling.  I also saw a special screening of REEKER.  Highly recommended!  You're all gonna dig it.
05/21/05 - The auditions keep coming.  Just did one for SUB DOGS, a sci-fi/comedy.  Got another one for a horror flick coming up in a few days.  CREEPIES has a release date of August 9th.  Saw the trailers for SAVAGE HARVEST 2 and DEADWOOD PARK and they looked fantastic!  Very gory and creepy.  I think the fans are gonna dig my character in SAVAGE 2.  It was one of the bloodiest shoots I've ever worked on.  The DeCoteau fan group was taken down, but a new one will be up soon.  Also, if you're a website reviewer of horror films, email me for screener details.
06/21/05 - The CREEPIES release date is now August 16th.  Check out that cool cover art!  Just did a cameo in a Steve Taylor movie called SLUDGE.  It was awesome to do and very bloody.  Tiffany Shepis and Felissa Rose star in it.  I have a few more gigs coming up and a callback for a slasher flick.  BIKINI ROUNDUP(aka THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE BEAUTIFUL) is currently playing on pay-per-view.  The KILLERS BY NATURE artwork is coming together presently.  Also wrote a thriller for Christoper Olen Ray of BIOHAZARD fame.  The script is a change of pace for me and contains some pretty witty dialogue.  It's slated to roll this summer.
07/21/05 - Just got cast in the next Jeff Leroy movie.  More details next time.  I saw LAND OF THE DEAD and loved it.  Give us another one, Mr. Romero!  Went to Catalina Island with my mom.  That's where they shot AQUANOIDS.  It was fun seeing a lot of the locations used in the movie.  DEADWOOD PARK just wrapped.  SAVAGE HARVEST 2 is in the midst of post.  The box art is finished for KILLERS BY NATURE.  Star Jason Contini is getting married to his girlfriend, Lili.  Congrats!  Can't wait to see CREEPIES 2.  It's done and the trailer looks totally groovy.
08/21/05 - I played a grisly zombie in the opening of The Asylum's new movie, DEAD MEN WALKING.  Should be out by Halloween.  Played a soldier in Jeff Leroy's new flick.  CREEPIES is now out in stores everywhere, including Blockbuster Video.  THE BRINK/MANIACAL screening was pretty cool.  Small turnout but great food and chat, had an awesome time.  Still wanting to do a screening of DEAD CLOWNS...one of these days.  Just acted in a top-secret project.  Perhaps more details next time.  Been doing lots of hiking and sight-seeing here in Hollywood.  Not exactly something you get to do when you live here and work multiple jobs.  ;-)  Saw THE DESCENT and it rocked!
09/21/05 - Did a cameo in Jason Kartalian's new flick, DRILLER.  Looks like DEAD MEN WALKING is already coming out on October 25th.  Currently having poster artwork done for TEENAGE VIGILANTE and MASSACRE MANSION.  I'm also planning on shopping THE TAKEOVER OF TOMORROW around again.  Time to start doing some bigger budgeted material.  Added a new short film, "Organism", to the links above.  Currently addicted to Friendster and Myspace.  Got some new headshots.  Posting those soon.
10/21/05 - Went to three Halloween parties.  I'm exhausted, but wanting more.  KILLERS BY NATURE is on Netflix.  DEAD MEN WALKING is everywhere.  Just got cast in a kids movie.  Been submitting for a lot of tv shows.  My desire to be in more and more films keeps growing.  I think I've acted in 24 features to date, now only 476 to go to reach my goal.  So happy Halloween and you kids be safe now!
11/21/05 - BIKINI CHAIN GANG and THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE BEAUTIFUL are now on dvd everywhere.  TGTBATB is on Cinemax under the title BIKINI ROUNDUP.  Speaking of Fred Olen Ray flicks, I just acted in his newest feature, THE LEGEND OF WILLIAM TELL, alongside Cindy Williams and Ed Begley, Jr..  BUTCHERED is playing cable tv in Mexico.  The SLUDGE trailer is online at http://www.obsidianproduction.com/sludge.html  Also, the TEENAGE VIGILANTE script is receiving great reviews.
12/21/05 - Did a last-minute cameo in Brad Paulson's EVIL EVER AFTER.  Cool death scene, too!  Joe Bob Briggs also appears.  Then I played a masturbating peeping tom in PRETTY COOL 2.  My wrist is super-strong now.  I've been a longtime fan of Rolfe Kanefsky and it was groovy to work with him.  Looking forward to the new year.  Maybe I can do this acting thang full-time one day.  Bring on the commercials!  Also need to join SAG soon.
01/21/06 - Happy New Year!  Another year in the life of Spudic gone.  Had a cameo in the uh, "family film" GHOST IN A TEENY BIKINI.  Actually it's a late night Skinemax flick with tons of naked ladies.  I even had some boobies flashed in my face!  Hoping to rent the New Beverly Cinema for a massive screening party soon.  Partied in Vegas with Ron Jeremy, Motorhead's Lemmy, and Verne Troyer.  Won some money, too!  The SAVAGE HARVEST 2 trailer is online at



02/21/06 - Auditioned for a Comedy Central commercial.  SAVAGE HARVEST 2 is 100% finished.  Rumor has it that MICRO MINI KIDS may be hitting dvd here in the states after 7 years.  HELLBOUND: BOOK OF THE DEAD is now available in Germany.  PSYCHO SANTA 2 is finished.  BLOODY TEASE and EVIL UNLEASHED are now part of a 6-pack called BLOOD, GUTS, AND VAMPS.


03/21/06 - A ton of projects have been completed in the past few months, including GHOST IN A TEENY BIKINI, SAVAGE HARVEST 2, PSYCHO SANTA 2, and THE LEGEND OF WILLIAM TELL.  I feel like I'm on fire, but there's too much ice on me to burn.  Is that a metaphor or something?  Been submitting to a few agents, although I'm very picky.  Already turned down several.  Gonna have my demo reel updated soon.


04/21/06 - Been auditioning for a lot of reality shows lately.  Plus this site has 40,000 hits!  Does this mean my dayrate's going up?  Bought a new computer with editing equipment and cut together a new acting demo reel.  Been going to tons of screenings lately.  Drop what you are doing and go see STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS now!  The new Jason Statham movie, CRANK, is also terrific.


05/21/06 - SAVAGE HARVEST 2 just played the New York Film Festival.  BIKINI CHAIN GANG has been spotted on Showtime.  Just caught word that Roger Corman has several more films in development, so I'm hoping to get into one of those.  Longtime dream to work with him.  MICRO MINI KIDS is now on dvd here in the states.  Did a small part in a new werewolf film.


06/21/06 - I'm turning 27, aaahhh!  It's my lucky number, though, so I hope it's a good one.  Things have been great.  I have a huge party coming up on July 10th.  I also appeared on the Simon Cowell show "America's Got Talent".  Plus, I got cast in another slasher movie.  Hehehe.  I'm now taking Duane Whitaker's cold reading classes.  It's groovy.  GHOST IN A TEENY BIKINI is now on pay-per-view.


07/21/06 - A few months ago I interviewed for "Beauty and the Geek season 3" and missed out, but 3-Ball Productions called me back to interview for a similar geeks-date-babes reality show.  I played a small part in a slasher picture from the company, The Asylum.  More details soon.  We shot in beautiful Lake Arrowhead.  My brother and I attended the 20th anniversary screening of LABYRINTH.  What a romp!  They had props from the film on display, too.  And my bday party was the most awesome ever.  Even my mom showed up.  Not to mention Ken Foree!!!


8/21/06 - The Asylum movie I acted in is called HALLOWEEN NIGHT and it's already coming out in October.  Plus, GHOST IN A TEENY BIKINI just hit store shelves.  Speaking of late-night erotic flicks, I played a creepy jailer in the new BEWITCHED HOUSEWIVES.  Auditioned for a stereo commercial.  I saw THE DARK CRYSTAL on the big screen, not to mention a wild double-feature of DEMONS and MAUSOLEUM.  I've now seen THE DESCENT twice in the theaters.  Just installed Final Draft 5 so I think it's time to crank out another script.  And I'm gonna see the Red Hot Chili Peppers before month's end!


09/21/06 - The Chili Peppers concert ruled of course.  My favorite song live was "Californication" and I loved it when they threw "Peace of Mind" into the mix.  HALLOWEEN NIGHT has a release date of Oct. 24th.  KILLERS BY NATURE star Jason Contini visited and showed me footage of LAST WEEK, a dramedy we did 3 1/2 years ago.  Brings back great memories!  It's almost done in post.  Been sending out demo reels like crazy.  Getting laser eye surgery soon, maybe it'll get me more gigs.  ;-)


10/21/06 - DRILLER and WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN'S PRISON had successful screenings this month.  Most seemed to enjoy them quite a bit.  Got to see screenings of HATCHET and THE DEVIL'S DEN, both rocked the house.  HALLOWEEN NIGHT is in stores everywhere.  Just did a tv show that Ashton Kutcher produced.  Did an interview for www.actorsspot.com .  Climbed up the San Gabriel mountains with some friends.  PRETTY COOL 2 is now called POCKET GIRL: PRETTY COOL TOO.


11/21/06 - Saw PRETTY COOL 2 and loved it.  Smokin' hot babes and raunchy farts, two things I enjoy a lot.  Can't wait to see it on the big screen.  DEAD MEN WALKING has been getting airtime on Sci-Fi Channel.  Got cast in another feature film, more details next time.  Quitting my dayjob in early December.  Hoping to get back into Tae Kwon Do after a 19 year hiatus.  Need a haircut bad and haven't had time.  Enjoyed BORAT and GRAVEDANCERS.  See them!  Gonna write down my goals for 2007.


12/21/06 - Happy holidays!  Finally had to buzz my hair for a crocodile flick I just did.  Gonna start growing it back, maybe get it straightened eventually.  Also realized my dream of being in a Roger Corman movie!  So two new films under my belt in December, but I'll be hush-hush on details until next time.  Heading up to San Jose, CA for the Fangoria convention and to see the Winchester mansion!


01/21/07 - The films I did in December were SUPERGATOR, starring Kelly McGillis, and SUPERCROC for the Asylum.  Both should be on Sci-Fi Channel this spring.  The Fangoria convention was a bit dead, but a great time for me anyway.  The Winchester mansion was huge and creepy.  Unfortunately all the pictures I took were ruined.  Maybe it's time to drop my old-school ways and buy a digital camera.  Almost went to Ostrichland, maybe next time.  Quit my dayjob, too.  I bought out a video store so now I have thousands of movies to keep me occupied.


02/21/07 - Been selling TONS of movies on Ebay.  Check out those auctions!  Posted an "In Development" page in hopes of getting MASSACRE MANSION and TEENAGE VIGILANTE going.  Just posted the SUPERCROC poster above.  It'll be out on dvd in April.  Also, looks like SAVAGE HARVEST 2 and PRETTY COOL 2 are hitting dvd this summer.  Still trying to crack that IMDB top 10,000 and still wanting to do a Filipino action flick soon.  Anxious for the new Dokken albums!


03/21/07 - SUPERCROC hits dvd on April 3rd.  The trailer can be seen on THE HITCHHIKER, another Asylum film.  I acted in Joe Castro's TERROR TOONS 2 as well as a new Jim Wynorski vampire flick.  Finally got to see an old email buddy of mine named Alicia Silverstone in person.  She was performing in a play called "Speed the Plow" by David Mamet.  She was excellent!  Just found out that a movie I wrote 4 years ago called DEADLY CULTURE finally came out on dvd.  Heard it's awful, but I'll check it out anyway.


04/21/07 - SUPERCROC is now on dvd everywhere.  SAVAGE HARVEST 2 is getting released this fall through Elite Entertainment.  The Wynorski picture I was in is called DEVIL'S DAWN.  Finally got back into Tae Kwon Do following a long 19 year hiatus.  Simon Rhee is my instructor.  He's been in everything from BEST OF THE BEST and THE ITALIAN JOB to LETHAL WEAPON 4 and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER.  Auditioning for a Ralph Portillo film.  He made FEVER LAKE!  WEREWOLF IN A WOMENS PRISON is having a midnight showing at the New Beverly Cinema also.


05/21/07 - PRETTY COOL TOO, with a bit cameo where I played a peeping tom, hits dvd from MTI on June 12th.  DEAD CLOWNS has also been picked up one of the top film companies in the world.  My biggest release yet as an actor!  Stay tuned.  BEWITCHED HOUSEWIVES is currently making the cable television rounds.  Watched double-features of TOP GUN/PLATOON, THE MUTHERS/FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE(thanks to Quentin Tarantino!), and I attended the Bob Clark tribute of CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS/DEATHDREAM.  Plus the Fangoria show rocked!  So sad that GRINDHOUSE tanked.  :-(


06/21/07 - TERROR TOONS 2 is now out on dvd.  I'm in a bonus short on the disc.  Lion's Gate has scheduled DEAD CLOWNS for a July 31st release.  The trailer is on a few of the new Lion's Gate dvds.  This little gem was shot in Biloxi, Mississippi a few years ago.  Sadly, hurricane Katrina has since wiped out a few of the locations in the film!  THE MONSTER SQUAD comes out on dvd the week earlier from Lion's Gate and I'm also pumped for that one.


07/21/07 - Was interviewed by the lovely Princess Jolene for www.thefleshfarm.com  We did it in a cemetery.  The interview, that is.  Saw DIE HARD 4 and dug it.  Itching for DEAD CLOWNS on dvd.  Can't wait, can't wait!  Just got asked to write an essay on a famous horror film for a book.  More details to follow.  Went up to Vegas for a few days to gamble and attend the VSDA show.  Met William Lustig, one of my favorite directors!


08/21/07 - DEAD CLOWNS is now everywhere.  I need to start sending screeners to casting directors and a few of my favorite filmmakers.  SAVAGE HARVEST 2 was just unleashed on dvd from Elite.  They also put out RE-ANIMATOR, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.  WEREWOLF IN A WOMENS PRISON is slated for release in September.  Can't wait to join SAG and do bigger films.  LA is super hot.  Almost as hot as Cameron Diaz.


09/21/07 - WEREWOLF IN A WOMENS PRISON actually got its release pushed back.  Went to the RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD dvd signing.  The new disc is loaded with extras!  DEATH SENTENCE is hands-down a fantastic flick, go see it.  Did a cameo for Ramzi Abed's SPIRAL STATE.  Auditioned for GINGERDEAD MAN 2.


10/21/07 - October, my favorite month!  I've been watching horror movies left and right, everything from HELL NIGHT and DIARY OF THE DEAD to 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and SLAUGHTER HIGH.  I'm addicted.  Itching to direct again.  Gonna have to scratch that itch.  Been selling dvds & videos constantly.  Only have 3,000 left to sell.  DEADWOOD PARK is now on dvd everywhere.  Snatch it up!


11/21/07 - Played a part in PREHISTORIC, a new dinosaur flick.  Christopher Atkins and Michael Gross star.  Saw Sascha Baron Cohen in person as his "Borat" character - awesome!  Planning on moving out of this apartment soon.  $1,400 for a 2-bedroom...ouch!  Making up my list of New Year's Resolutions.  Lots of changes coming up.


12/21/07 - A friend and I trekked up north to visit the Winchester Mansion and Alcatraz.  Awesome!  Hope to shoot at those places someday.  PREHISTORIC is now called 100,000,000 BC and will be on dvd in March.  Thinking about writing again.  Auditioned for WAR OF THE WORLDS 2.  New headshots on the horizon as well.  And a new website!


01/21/08 - Can't believe it's 2008 already.  Interviewed as a contender for AMERICAN GLADIATORS.  I've been honing my martial arts skills at Simon Rhee's studio.  Hoping to be a black belt by next year in Taekwondo.  Dyed my hair black recently.  Going for a new look and a new wardrobe.  Moved into a new apartment in Van Nuys.  Crack whore central!


02/21/08 - Played a redneck in THE TREK, directed by Lola Wallace.  Then a week later booked a POW role in SHADOWS IN PARADISE, starring Mark Dacascos and Armand Assante.  Got to watch some explosions on set.  Went to a Blues vs. Ducks hockey game.  I'm a Blues fan and we just barely lost!  My favorite band, Rush, is coming to town in May.  I'm pumped!  Looks like I'm returning to writing spec scripts as well.


03/21/08 - 100 MILLION BC is playing on the Sci-Fi Channel this summer.  Still hoping to get Taft Hartley'd into SAG.  Glad the WGA strike is over and people are back to work.  Watched MONSTER SQUAD and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS at the New Beverly.  Fred Dekker rules!  Met one of my favorite actors, Ernest Borgnine.  Hope to work with him someday.  Shopping around a new spec called DEAD EVIL.  Any takers?


04/21/08 - Anxious for the Fangoria show.  George Romero will be there!  Shot a cameo for Steve Sessions new flick, more details next time.  Painted my truck green.  Now just a bit more work and it'll be camouflage.  I've been playing the Mega Millions and Super Lotto since nobody wants to finance my pictures, but I keep losing.  Aaarrrgghh!


05/21/08 - Saw Rush in concert.  Amazing!  They even played "The Trees", one of my faves.  Saw the Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween house locations.  100 MILLION BC airs on Sci-Fi June 22nd.  I'm a chopper pilot.  This site now has 50,000 hits, whew!  Postage rates went up, ugh.  Time to stop selling vhs and start selling dvds on Ebay.  Finished my spec, LITTLE TREASURE SEEKERS, and shopping that around.


06/21/08 - Just did an excellent photo shoot for www.kickpics.net showing off some martial arts moves.  Added my script LITTLE TREASURE SEEKERS on www.inktip.com for sale.  Hoping to fetch low 5-figures for that one.  Already hard at work on a new spec.  A horror parody.  Going to Vegas for my birthday trip.  Got to spend a week with Mama Spudic this month.  We saw YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN.  Hilarious flick!  Same goes for POULTRYGEIST.


07/21/08 - Went to Vegas by myself.  Saw the Blue Man Group, great show!  Painted my truck camouflage.  Gotta stand out in this town somehow.  Filmed my bloodiest death scene ever for a new Fred and Kim Ray movie.  Met Enzo Castellari, one of my favorite Italian film directors.  Also just finished my newest spec script, a big-budget horror/comedy.


08/21/08 - My new script is called TURDS.  About poop monsters emerging from the sewers to wreck havoc on a small town.  Only a young plumber can save the day.  Big budget.  Looking for a literary agent, but not much luck.  The new werewolf movie I did also stars Maxwell Caulfield.  Did a cameo for a trailer for a ficticious movie called BLOOD OF THE SPIDER.  Check it out on Youtube.


09/21/08 - Just saw the trailer for DIRE WOLF.  Very bloody!  The way I like 'em.  Jason Kartalian's DRILLER streets on Oct. 14th with lots of extras.  I directed my pal Ariauna Albright in a few scenes for the Joe Sherlock movie IT HAUNTS.  And as usual, the Ebay auctions continue!


10/21/08 - "It Haunts" is part of the anthology, TWISTED FATES.  Just found out that Jim Wynorski's DEVIL'S DAWN is now called VAMPIRE IN VEGAS.  I played a cop in that one.  Just bought a record player!  Have always loved the raw sound that a record gives.  Not to mention that I just bought 7,000 more movies and am opening a store soon!


11/21/08 - DIRE WOLF is completed.  It's been 1 year since the horrible San Francisco vacation, so I'm slowly planning a solo redo to see Alcatraz, Giants Stadium, etc..  Spudic's Movie Empire will be opening in December to the public.  Also, my parents are bringing out toasted ravioli, the best food of all-time!


12/21/08 - A movie I was in called THE TREK is playing in a few theaters throughout the Midwest.  My video store is pending a police permit and then we can finally open!  Hoping 2009 will bring me a few script sales, bigger acting gigs, and some overseas jobs.  Always searching for investors to finance my projects!


01/21/09 - My store is up and running.  Address is 5910 Van Nuys Blvd. in Van Nuys, California.  We recently hosted a signing with Fred Olen Ray, David DeCoteau, and Jim Wynorski.  It was terrific!  Once the operation is running smoothly, I'm returning to the movie biz.  Hoping to book a gig in Bulgaria or Romania!


02/21/09 - It just won't stop raining in LA!  I'm itching to do a WWII or 'Nam War movie.  I saw the Cirio Santiago tribute at the New Beverly.  They showed THE MUTHERS and VAMPIRE HOOKERS.  What a riot!


03/21/09 - Planning a Rolfe Kanfesky/Mike Mendez signing for the store soon.  On a World War 2 movie kick now, watching everything from GUNG HO, WAKE ISLAND, and BATAAN to OBJECTIVE BURMA, CROSS OF IRON, and INGLORIOUS BASTARDS.

  Bought a laserdisc player, too!


04/21/09 - Just had Clancy Brown signing recently.  Groovy!  Planning some more soon.  Acted in a pilot called "Skin Factory".  Should be pretty goofy.  Gave Seth Green a business card at Fangoria.  Spreading the word on the empire.


05/21/09 - Got cast in a new flick called CURSE OF THE SHAMAN.  Put a script on Inktip and hoping for a sale on that one soon.  Heard that DIRE WOLF got picked up by UFO Films.  Gonna line up a few more celebs to sign autographs at the empire.


06/21/09 - Getting ready for my birthday trip to Vegas.  And no, Jolene Hui's not tagging along for this trip.  ;-)  Just acted with Vernon Wells, a longtime fave of mine.  You may remember him as the villain in COMMANDO.  Hoping to see Aerosmith this fall.  And TERMINATOR: SALVATION rocked.


07/21/09 - Just held a signing for HOBGOBLINS 2.  Had a great time in Vegas, gambling as usual.  Just need to win more money so I can finance a flick.  Getting closer to my black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Now, I just need to act in a martial arts film!


08/21/09 - Did a fantastic signing at the store with Jesse Johnson, Vernon Wells, Jerry Trimble, and Ami Dolenz.  Organizing a PHANTASM 2 reunion next.  Still shopping around my TURDS script.  Can't seem to get anybody behind it.


09/21/09 - Getting anxious for October to get here.  Loading up Spudic's Movie Empire with tons more horror flicks.  Also arranging a STEPFATHER 2 reunion.  Saw INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.  What a fun, well-made movie.  I'll definitely get the dvd of it.  Picked up a TIGER JOE poster for the store.  I'm a huge fan of Antonio Margheriti!


10/21/09 - October's been very busy for the empire.  We did signings with Michael Pare, Eric Red, Caroline Williams, Darin Scott, Meg Foster, and Jill Schoelen.  Uwe Boll is signing in early November.  I've been watching gory horror films all month long.  Happy Halloween!


11/21/09 - Time to kick things into gear.  Did a signing with Uwe Boll, Michael Pare, Clint Howard, and Zack Ward.  It was a blast!  Great turnout.  Can't wait for the holiday sales to pick up at Spudic's Movie Empire.  We have 6,000 movies and games for sale.  We're now doing triple-features every Friday night.


12/21/09 - Just heard that DIRE WOLF is getting recut to make fit for a SyFy Channel sale.  Can't wait to see it.  Planning a post-apocalyptic triple feature on New Years Day.  It's already 2010?  Planning an INTRUDER reunion soon.


01/21/10 - Celebrated the 1-year anniversary for Spudic's Movie Empire.  Director Brian Trenchard-Smith did a signing.  Also secured an investor for my next project.  Searching around for the rest of the financing.  Can't wait to direct again!


02/21/10 - Just did signings with spaghetti western star Robert Woods as well as EVIL DEAD 2 star Dan Hicks.  We also held an Antonio Margheriti marathon at the store.  A very underrated director!  I'm still searching for film investors on MASSACRE MANSION.  Even set up an Ebay auction to sell off producer credits!  Got cast in Roger Corman's new film as well.


03/21/10 - Busy as always!  Rented out the store for a flick called "Mr. Video".  Also acted in a new Roger Corman/Jim Wynorski movie called CAMEL SPIDERS.  Looks like Joe Dante and Mick Garris are doing signings soon.  They're promoting TRAILERS FROM HELL, VOLUME 1.


04/21/10 - Just got finished having another $1 vhs sale.  Cleared out another 200 flicks.  Building up my laserdisc collection.  They rock!  Will be holding a rare screening of THE LOST EMPIRE at the store.  I'm possibly teaming up with Kickstarter.com to raise funds for a radio commercial.  Let's do it!


05/21/10 - Shot a movie at the store that starred Tom Arnold and Dee Wallace Stone.  Holding a Troma triple-feature screening next week.  The fundraiser on Kickstarter isn't going so well.  Might do something different for the next one.  Maybe a Youtube commercial with Danny Trejo?  At any rate, vhs is still alive and well...


06/21/10 - Time for another 50% off sale at the store.  It's my birthday, so I figured maybe filling the register with cash would be the best gift!  Then, it's off to Vegas to gamble and try to make myself rich.  Selling lots on Ebay.  If you collect vhs, dvds, or laserdiscs, let me know.


07/21/10 - Just had Mark Pirro in for a signing.  Aiming to get Charles Band next.  Having artwork done for TURDS and then it's time to shop that around.  Hollywood needs a big-budget movie about killer poop.  Dropped the dvds at the store to $5 each and sales have picked up.  But business still isn't where it should be.


08/21/10 - Gonna send in the script for TURDS to National Lampoon.  Just what they need!  Did a signing at the store for LIVE EVIL.  Also shot a webisode called "Oblivion".  Reading a great book on Billy the Kid.  Wanna play him in a movie someday.  Hollywood is getting dead as many productions have moved to Michigan or Louisiana.  Hoping things pick up.


09/21/10 - Possibly getting Sheldon Lettich and Scott Spiegel for live commentaries at the store.  We're screening horror films through most of October.  My favorite month!  Business is still dead, gotta decide to either shut it down or keep it going.  Need a break either way.


10/21/10 - Shut down the empire.  Just couldn't do anymore 80-hour weeks.  Plus, dvds don't sell like they used to.  Time to head back to acting/writing full-time.  Meanwhile, I have over 3,000 vhs, dvds, and laserdiscs to sell on Ebay.  User name is colonelcrapper!


11/21/10 - Moving out of my apartment in Los Angeles.  Rent is just way too high and the roommate is driving me nuts.  Time for a cheaper place.  Gonna take a holiday break and then it's back to acting full-time in 2011!


12/21/10 - Taking a long-overdue vacation.  Saw family in Illinois.  Friends in St. Louis.  Gonna get back into TKD soon.  There's a teaser trailer for CAMEL SPIDERS up on Youtube.  Also, I put up a poster of TURDS in the development section.  Happy New Year!


01/21/11 - Just moved to Shreveport, Louisiana.  Lots of film production out here.  Cheaper than Hollywood, too!  Took a quick trip to Biloxi and watched SHRIEK OF THE SASQUATCH.  Loved it!  Also found a store in Baton Rouge with thousands of vhs for sale.  I got dozens of them.  Might do a whole new website soon.


02/21/11 - Been exploring my new territory.  Less traffic than Los Angeles, ha!  Shopping around projects so that producers can take advantage of the 30% tax incentive here.  Hoping to get into PIRANHA 3DD, ALIEN TORNADO, and KANE & LYNCH.  Got 100 postcards with my headshot/resume on them.  Off to the post-office!


03/21/11 - New website at www.ericspudic.com!  Also published my first ebook, "Teenage Vigilante".  It's on Amazon and Smashwords.  Available for the Kindle, iphone, ipod touch, PC, Nook, Palm, Sony Reader, Android, etc.  The best part is...it's only $3.  He traded in his diploma for a 12-gauge!


04/21/11 - Back in business.  Did a cameo in Jeff Burr's new movie, ALIEN TORNADO.  Spent 3 weeks working with Gerard Butler, Uma Thurman, Dennis Quaid, Jessica Biel, and Catherine Zeta-Jones on a new film.  Playing a dad for the first time.  Trying to get my security deposit back from Aqua Vista Properties.  Most corrupt property management company ever!  More production coming to Shreveport soon.  I'm pumped!


05/21/11 - My new ebook, "Turds", is now available.  Only $3 at Amazon and Smashwords.  Just found out DIRE WOLF is hitting dvd soon courtesy of Retromedia.  Still waiting for THE CONQUERED: CURSE OF THE SHAMAN to get finished.  Heard that LEATHERFACE 3D and THE EXPENDABLES 2 are coming to town.  I'm ready to audition!


06/21/11 - Sent a cease-and-desist to the ex-roommate, Daniel Del Pozzo.  Turns out he also destroyed my former apartment.  Very strange individual.  Hoping to get into the new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE film.  It's been 100 degrees all week long.  My two ebooks are also temporarily priced at 99 cents each.  Check them out!


07/21/11 - Just auditioned for a Bigfoot movie.  Got cast as a sniper for a movie shooting in Mississippi.  Also doing a convention up in Indiana right before Xmas.  More details next month.  Moved all my inventory to www.spudicsmovieempire.com and have a TON of movies for sale.


08/21/11 - Wrapped shooting on LEATHERFACE 3D.  Had a terrific time.  Can't wait to see the film next year.  DINO WOLF is headed to dvd in October.  Please spread the word.  I'll add the artwork soon.


09/21/11 - Just got back from Biloxi.  Played a deranged sniper.  I'm on pace to do my 50th feature film next year.  Gotta keep on keepin' on!


10/21/11 - Got a new agent.  Tag Talent in Austin.  Already booked my first audition.  Pretty rad!  DINO WOLF is now on Amazon and more.  The short film, "Cache", is streaming on Black Flag TV.


Read for a Woody Harrelson/Morgan Freeman movie. A week later, got called in to audition for the lead role in a SyFy Channel movie. Few days after that, auditioned for a casino commercial. Been on a roll. Now it's time to start actually booking again.


Goals for 2012:

1. Join SAG

2. Sell another script or two

3. Hop back into the director's chair

4. Put my passport to use and work on a movie overseas

5. Perhaps produce another movie


Just found out that the short film I was in, "Cache", will now be included in the feature anthology, ABERRATIONS. CAMEL SPIDERS hits dvd on March 27th. I have a tiny cameo in that one.


Splurged a whopping $35 on a camcorder. It'll strictly be used for videotaping auditions that are too far to drive to. Gotta dust off my passport and put it to use. I'm also an executive producer on the upcoming PUPPET MASTER X. Score!


Already been in Shreveport for over a year. Not enough work here to satisfy my appetite, so it's time to head to Baton Rouge. CAMEL SPIDERS is in Walmart. I'm in it for a whopping 20 seconds. Ha!


My friend Jeff Leroy has a new picture out called RAT SCRATCH FEVER.  Snatch it up on Amazon. He made CREEPIES and WEREWOLF IN A WOMENS PRISON.  Also, ABERRATIONS is available to rent or buy on Amazon.  It's really creepy. Turn down the lights and crank it up!


After a 3-year hiatus, I've decided to write another spec script.  Gonna start pounding away on the keyboard in early July.  Hoping for a nice sale.  Need a new truck!


All settled in Baton Rouge.  Cheap here.  Writing a killer rat script.  Exploring my new area.


Just started a new improv class with Veleka Gray.  Lots of fun!  Finished my latest spec script, ALIEN RAT.  Listed it on Inktip.

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