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An interview with actor, producer, director, and writer - Chuck Williams

Chuck n Linda pic
Chuck Williams with his DOUBLE BLAST co-star Linda Blair

ES: Have any crazy stories of when you were shooting DOUBLE BLAST in the Philippines?

CW: Yea, we played a mean game of Basketball at the resort we stay out in the woods.......We won! Tons of stories, we had a great time shooting over there.....One of my favorite nights was riding back to the hotel after shooting all day on set with Linda Blair and her telling me some great stories of "The Exorcist"......She's still a great friend.....She always makes me laugh!

ES: What's your latest project?

CW: Just starred and produced in a movie called "Malicious" (working title) a suspense/thriller directed by Michael Rissi (Soultaker) with Justine Priestley....coming out in March

ES: Seems like you've done a little bit of everything in the industry - acting, producing, writing, stunts, etc.. What's your favorite?

CW: Always acting......my love and passion.....

ES: If you had things your way in SOULTAKER, would your character have kicked Joe Estevez's ass?

CW: Yea, but to busy running from the man ........We had a lot of fun making that movie in Mobile, Alabama....Like I said, It was directed by a very talented young director Michael Rissi, which is a name you are going to hear about a lot in the Y2k. I was originally casted as Brad, but they thought I would make a funny Tommy and the rest is history.....

ES: Any tips on getting into the business?

CW: You got to really love it or don't do it..........lots of work.......Start small and ask a lot of questions......questions are always good........visit film festivals. Now you can surf the net for great opportunities in the biz too.......oh, and never use your own money.......LOL

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