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An interview with boobie man(and filmmaker) LOU VOCKELL...

ES: First off, I must ask, how'd you get into this crazy business?

LV: I used to make cheap television commercials for a living. Then I married a rich, Jewish woman. Since I could live off the money I stole out of her purse, I no longer had to work or worry about making a living. Since I already owned all the necessary equipment, I decided to start making movies. It beats the hell out of having a REAL job!

ES: Tell me about your latest, DREAM WITCH...

LV: It's the first creative collaboration between Everette Hartsoe's EH! Productions and my company Creative Productions. Everette is a pretty well known comic book creator, having founded London NIght Studios and being the creator of the RAZOR comic book series. He's a very savvy, smart, creative guy. I on the other hand am a putz. I guess opposites attract. DREAM WITCH stars Chrissy Mountjoy (Christine's Addiction), Glori-Anne Gilbert (KILLER SEX QUEENS FROM CYBERSPACE, VAMPIRE CALLGIRLS) and about a dozen other beautiful naked women! Without giving to much away, DREAM WITCH is about a plain, klutzy girl who envies the assets of her beautiful, popular friends. The tag line goes something like, "Be careful what you DREAM for...you might get it!"

ES: What does the future of Lou Vockell hold?

LV: Death, taxes and the occasional shower. Oh...you're talking about within the next 12 months! Well I'm starting pre-production on another EH!/Creative Production release titled DEVIRGINATOR: THE INVISIBLE STUD. After that we're doing a show called WTNA: BIKINI TV starring Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith and Monique Gabrielle.

ES: So what do you think the "b" in b-movies REALLY stands for? Boobs, budget, or blood?

LV: I guess in my case it stands for "boobs". Most of my movies could briefly described as, "Russ Meyer meets (fill in the blank)". That's why I'm making the effort to work with other movie makers. To broaden my creative horizons and ride the coattails of people who are more talented then I.

ES: Any last thoughts?

LV: Buy more movies! Especially mine!


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