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MANIACAL...Halloween for the 2000's!

Pictures from the upcoming MANIACAL...

"Gilbert, give your mama a kiss!"

"Psycho kid, psycho kid, look at all the evil things he did!"

     David Sterling contacted me shortly before Xmas 2001 about my screenplays.  He asked me to pen a vampire flick for him, VAMPIRE HOUSE PARTY.  I cranked this "sucker" out in 4 days amazingly.  Just 2 weeks later, he calls back up wanting more scripts.  So he said, "Go watch HALLOWEEN and remake it, just make it different and cheap."  MANIACAL came about in 3 days surprisingly fast.  It's jam-packed with bloody death scenes and nudity/sex scenes.  Just what ya expected from an 80's slasher movie huh?  Our story follows Gilbert Gill, a late teens mental case who's still living at home.  One night he goes berserk and hacks up his momma and poppa...then when going for his sister, he's arrested.  Spends a year in a mental home, when he discovers his father survived the attack and is visiting today.  Well, Gilbert escapes the minute pop arrives and heads back to town to pick up where he finished a year earlier.  Directed by Joe Castro, director of CEREMONY and LEGEND OF THE CHUPACABRA, and produced by David Sterling, producer of CAMP BLOOD, DEMONICUS, and THINGS.  Stars Brendan Gould(SHRIEKER, THE COVEN).  Should be hitting video stores by summertime.  If you rent it enough times, kids, there might be a sequel and Gilbert Gill could be back to kill!  Photos courtesy of Joe Castro.  Quick trivia: the original title of MANIACAL was THE RELENTLESS MANIAC, named after two of my favorite William Lustig movies - MANIAC and RELENTLESS.

A handful of victims...and a handful of boobs! Heeheehee...

A Halloween rip-off wouldn't be a Halloween rip-off without masks!

Batman's new enemy: Knifeman!

"But I really do have to go pee!"

Just wanted to drop by and say hello!

Well, there you have it...a sort of preview for MANIACAL, a low-budget slasher flickaroo that you're bound to enjoy if you liked HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13TH, HELL NIGHT, SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, or SCREAM.