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     Here I have chosen a list of the top filmmakers whom I'd like to work for.  These are the same people who inspired me and made the movies that I either grew up on or watched during my moviemaker-wannabe stages.  As I act in their films, I will cross them off the list and hopefully I someday get the chance to work with each and every one of these talents.  If YOU are on this list and want Eric Spudic to star in your next movie, email me at and let's talk business.

Dario Argento
Clive Barker
David Barton
Craig R. Baxley
Josh Becker
Luca Bercovici
Ted Bohus
J.R. Bookwalter
Donald P. Borchers
John Carl Buechler
Jeff Burr
Tim Burton
William Butler
James Cameron
John Carpenter
Steve Carver
Tom Chaney
Larry Cohen
Roger Corman
Don Coscarelli
George P. Cosmatos
Wes Craven
David Cronenberg
Sean S. Cunningham
Joe Dante
Pierre David
Fred Dekker
John Eyres
Sam Firstenberg
Rodman Flender
Tom Fox
Richard Gabai
Yoram Globus
Menahem Golan
Stuart Gordon
Renny Harlin
Anthony Hickox
Tom Holland
Tobe Hooper
Stephen Hopkins
Gale Ann Hurd
J. Christian Ingvordsen
John Irvin
Peter Jackson
Gary Jones
C. Courtney Joyner
Rolfe Kanefsky
Lloyd Kaufman
Worth Keeter
Rick King
Brad Krevoy
Robert Kurtzman
Ringo Lam
John Landis
Steve Latshaw
David Michael Latt
Damian Lee
Brett Leonard
Mark L. Lester
Dwight H. Little
Luis Llosa
William Lustig
Peter Manoogian
Peter Maris
Bret McCormick
John McTiernan
Mike Mendez
Jalal Merhi
Joseph Merhi
Jeff Miller
Steve Miner
Phillipe Mora
Russell Mulcahy
Ted Newsom
Ted Nicolaou
Stephen Norrington
Dan O'Bannon
Dave Parker
Richard Pepin
Brett Piper
David A. Prior
Albert Pyun
Sam Raimi
Tony Randel
Fred Olen Ray
Eric Red
Robert Rodriguez
George A. Romero
Mark Rosman
Phillip J. Roth
Richard P. Rubinstein
Chuck Russell
John Russo
Cirio H. Santiago
Deran Sarafian
Tom Savini
David Schmoeller
Jack Sholder
Lloyd Simandl
Peter R. Simpson
Rick Sloane
Joel Soisson
Scott Spiegel
Steven Stabler
Andrew Stevens
Tibor Takacs
Rachel Talalay
Quentin Tarantino
Lewis Teague
Kevin S. Tenney
Dante Tomaselli
Brian Trenchard-Smith
Tommy Lee Wallace
Ethan Wiley
Chuck Williams
Terence Winkless
David Winters
Jay Woelfel
John Woo
Jim Wynorski
Brian Yuzna
Joseph Zito

What a list, huh?  I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope my dreams come true of working with some of these famous folks!  If you want to see what movies they directed, produced, or wrote, then go to

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